About the Bible Health Secrets Affiliate Partner Program!

You can help spread the word about our digital training programs and when you do you can earn for those you refer to us.

Our affiliate system tracks everyone you send our way and then we pay commission on sales.

October 2017: The Bible Health Secrets Series Release

We will release the Bible Health Secrets Series in the October of 2017. To participate all you need to do is send users to an opt in page where they can get several free gifts.

Participants can watch 8 Episodes for free and they will have an option to purchase all of the episodes + the recording of each interview. We start the promotion period on October 6 and episode 1 will be released on October 18th, with the rest of the episodes released 24 hours apart.

If those who sign up from your unique link later purchase the Gold Package (pictured below), you will make a commission of 50% on the Digital version which will cost $97 and 40% on the Physical version, which costs $197.

How Do I Start?

Please enter your details on this page to be considered for our affiliate program. Remember that we handle all the fulfillment details, including order processing, shipment when required, billing and customer service.

All you need to do is to mail to your email list or post to your social profiles while the event is occurring. Payments to you will be made by Paypal.

Affiliate Commissions and Tracking

Our software tracks when a user comes from your link and holds an affiliate cookie for up to 90 days. So if a user purchases within that time frame we will give you credit. You will also be given a login where you can go to track the number of visits from your links, where you can find all the marketing material and where you can also find all of your commission statistics.

How Does It All Work?

We have a simple process to help you be successful:

  1. Signup on this page
  2. Receive approval and get your unique links
  3. Use the promotion material we provide to send to your list or post on social media during the time frame that we suggest. When a user clicks that link it sets a tracking cookie on their unique computer IP address.
  4. When a purchase is made from that IP address the system will track that and you will get credit.
  5. Once the 60 day return period is over we will approve the payment and sale
  6. We will pay you automatically through PayPal and send you a notice via email.

It is that simple.

If you are ready to join fill out the form on this page. Thank you!

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Become An Affiliate

Fill out the form below to register as an affiliate.
  • Used to send you your commissions.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
    Attach W9/W8-Ben scan or pdf
  • Here's where you can get the W9 form to complete. Please make sure to fill out Part 1, Part 2 as well as sign and date the bottom.

    If you are a non-U.S resident, a W9 is not required, but a W8-BEN is required. Please fill this out instead and upload. Make sure Part 1 is complete and Part 3 is signed and dated.

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